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How to ues ear thermometer prove covers?

Your thermometer will not take a temperature until a lens cover has been applied. When the thermometer needs a lens filter you will see a sideways cone symbol flashing on the top of the display screen. To apply a probe cover, simply remove one from the package and slide it over the probe area of your thermometer. Push until it clicks into place and pushes the small red sensor down. The cone symbol should disappear from the screen. You will need a new lens filter each time you want to take a temperature reading. To remove the old lens filter, simply press the rectangular button under the probe to eject it. For more information on Thermometer probe covers, visit zxpac.com. If you are having any trouble, please reach out to us. 

Where to buy ear thermometer prove cover?

  • 1. Disposable thermometer probe cover can avoid the spread of bacteria. It is healthier and prevent cross infection. Wearing thermometer probe cover is also very suitable for medical units, public health places, and families with higher health requirements.
  • 2. Wiping with alcohol and cotton can increase the frequency of use, but it is recommended to use it once per person.
  • 3. The disposable thermometer probe cover is convenient and fast in use, safe and hygienic, and the test results are accurate.
  • 4. Protect the ears. The head of the thermometer probe cover is made of soft plastic, which is elastic and protects the soft eardrums of children.
  • 5. Protect the probe. Ears will be attached to the earmuffs instead of the probe, so when you wipe it, you will not touch the probe and prolong the life of the ear thermometer.


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