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5 Types of Aluminum Foil Bags

After getting done with your production process, the packaging process is the next step. There is no point in trying to produce quality food and non-food products but fail to package them well to ensure shelf longevity.

Poor packaging will bring about taste and aroma loss as well as oxygen, odor, moisture, and pest infiltration. Such are all factors attached to product spoilage.

If you are concerned about your customers and product life-span extension on the shelf, which is a must-do a thing, consider quality packaging.

At ZXPAC Packaging Bags and Pouches Company we care about you. We produce quality Aluminum foil bags designed for product preservation.

Regarding any product you are planning to package, whether medical, surgical, food, industrial or any product, we have a suitable packaging bag for you.

We produce foil bags of different styles, types, shapes capacity, and sizes. We are ready to manufacture the kind of pouch you need.

All we need to know are the pouch dimensions, the purpose of the bags, shapes, types/style, required add-ons and any specific requirement you need.

Characteristics of Aluminum Foil Pouches:

  1. Performs better at keeping moisture out of the bag compared to polyethylene
  2. Performs by keeping humidity levels inside the pouches under 40RH
  3. It offers exceptional protection against physical damage, sunlight rays, oils, grease, acids, alkaline, bad odor, oxygen, and biological damage. (See even Matt Damon use aluminum foil bags store poops when on Mars)
  4. Sealing layers have different composite, structures, and sizes.

Applications of Aluminium Foil bags:

Plastics granulate, Masterbatches, Automotive components, Food products, Pharmaceuticals,

Chemicals, Food spices, Medicines,  Optical instruments, Electronic instruments, and gadgets.

We produce aluminum pouches of different types:

  • Stand up coffee pouches
  • Flat coffee pouches
  • Side gusseted coffee pouches
  • Sprout pouches
  • Block bottom coffee pouches

Below is our product video:

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