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Ear Thermometer Covers

What should be paid attention to when using ear thermometer covers

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Update time : 2021-06-16 14:17:46
When the body is not comfortable, body temperature is often an indicator to monitor the disease at home. At present, there are many instruments for measuring temperature on the market, and the operation of ear temperature gun is simple and fast, so it has become a necessary choice for home temperature measurement.
In order to be clean and hygienic, it is suggested that people use ear temperature gun to measure temperature with disposable braun thermometer ear covers. Some people think it is more accurate to use ear temperature gun without ear thermometer covers. In fact, it is not the case.
Generally speaking, the ear temperature gun is used to detect the infrared radiation from the eardrum membrane to estimate the temperature of the human body. Why is the tympanic membrane, not other organs? 
ear thermometer covers
Because the vessels of tympanic membrane connect the hypothalamus, the control center of human body temperature, which can reflect the temperature of human body in time; The temperature of tympanic membrane is not easily disturbed by the external environment because of the small opening of the ear and the bending of the ear canal. Therefore, the ear temperature can be used as the temperature index.
At present, there are some ear temperature guns on the market, which need to be used with special ear thermometer covers. Only when the ear thermometer covers are put on can the correct results be measured. On the other hand, it is also for the sake of hygiene, so as to avoid increasing the risk of infection due to the use of different people.
The ear temperature gun with ear thermometer probe covers design can only be used with the original factory's special ear thermometer covers, but the ear thermometer covers must not be damaged. The ear temperature gun without earmuff design should be cleaned in the way recommended by the original factory before use. After cleaning, the temperature may decrease slightly, and it can only be used after several minutes.
As the material, size and form of ear thermometer covers of different manufacturers are different, it is not recommended to exchange earmuffs of different brands, so as not to affect the measurement results. In addition, plastic wrap is not recommended to replace ear thermometer covers.
The ear temperature gun is skillful in use, and the ear must be pulled before measurement. Because the ear canal is curved, the ear must be pulled before measurement. For children under 1 year old, the ear should be pulled back. For children over 1 year old and adults, the ear should be pulled back and up. If the body temperature is measured by oneself, the ear should be pulled back from the head with backhand to make the probe of the ear temperature gun aim at the eardrum.

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