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Shaped Pouch

What are the advantages of shaped pouch

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Update time : 2021-08-26 09:10:44
High molecular polymer (or synthetic resin) is the main component of shaped pouch. In order to improve the performance of plastic, various auxiliary materials should be added to the polymer to meet people's various requirements for plastic, such as filler, plasticizer, lubricant, stabilizer, colorant, etc.
The shaped pouch is generally made of synthetic resin, and its bottom is square. It is like a carton, with different length, width and height. It is "customized" according to the size of the products to be packaged.
The emergence of PE square bottom bag packaging design is of great significance to the development of packaging design in today's society.
Its flexibility drives packaging designers to play boldly and freely, makes more design dreams come true, and achieves more ideal packaging display effect and promotion function.
The emergence of PE shaped pouch is of great significance to the expansion of packaging design form.
shaped pouch
Designers can play freely when designing product packaging bags, so as to make more design dreams come true.
For example, by designing the bag shape of various fruit slices (pineapple slices, etc.) Turn into the corresponding fruit shape (pineapple shape, etc.) and make soft packaging bags and packaged fruit slices, which can achieve the effect of packaging display and promotion.
In addition to the change of bag shape, PE shaped pouch can also add many application functions, such as hand hole, zipper, mouth, etc.
In addition, with the change of the shaped pouch, a large liquid self-supporting bag with a capacity of 2 liters and a hand hole and mouth can be made for packaging heavy liquid products of edible oil.
Another example is to add aircraft hanging holes on light packaging to facilitate the hanging sales of supermarket shelves; Some supplementary liquid packaging can use mouth shaped special-shaped bags to facilitate filling.
For example, in a certain detergent packaging, an interlocking corner is designed on the packaging bag, which can be buckled into a special shape when in use. The development of special-shaped bag packaging design has formed ingenious handles and dumping openings.

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