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Stand up pouch is the last important process of food processing

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Update time : 2021-09-06 09:55:43
In this era when everyone eats goods and thinks of himself, everyone has endless words when it comes to eating, but do you really know the food stand up pouch outside the food? Food needs to go through multiple processes in the production process, and the last process is packaging. It can be seen that packaging plays a very important role in food.
Food stand up pouch have high requirements because they are in direct contact with food and the production is more strict. According to different types of food, the applied packaging products are also different.
Food stand up pouch include aluminum foil and aluminum plating. Aluminized bag is a kind of packaging which is aluminized on the composite film in the production process. This kind of bag uses a small amount of aluminum, but its packaging effect is not as good as pure aluminum foil bag and its appearance is not as good as aluminum foil. But its application is also different. In fact, some packages are more suitable to be packed in aluminized bags in order to better package food.
High quality food stand up pouchs have a bright appearance, can reflect light, and even illuminate people's images. Aluminum plated bags do not have this function, and the appearance of Tongye will be a little dim without much luster, which is also the reason why the aluminum layer is too thin.
stand up pouch
In food aluminum foil stand up pouchs, aluminum plated bags are mostly used for small food packaging or food packaging with low packaging requirements. Aluminum foil packaging needs better sealing performance and more products to achieve the best packaging effect.
Food stand up pouch is essential in our life. It can not only protect products, but also better convey product information to consumers through exquisite packaging, but also play a good publicity and promotion effect. Food stand up pouch is widely used and is basically an indispensable process in food processing. Therefore, if there are strict requirements for packaging, we need to do better work in the materials to ensure that the food can be packaged better. Promote product sales.
In addition to the application of packaging in some food industries, other industries are also inseparable from packaging. Packaging has become a part of our life, and the requirements for packaging will be higher and higher, which is also a test for manufacturing enterprises.
Food enterprises should first find out what materials their food stand up pouchs need; Then find regular packaging enterprises to customize processing. Due to the lack of professional knowledge of packaging materials, some food enterprise personnel simply pursue low prices and are occasionally fooled, resulting in a batch of inferior stand up pouchs, which will also affect the sales of products.
Secondly, food stand up pouchs should meet the requirements of food safety and quality.
1. Food enterprises shall require stand up pouch manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards.
2. The food stand up pouch shall be flat. No scratches, burns, bubbles and wrinkles, no virtual sealing.
3. Green environmental protection materials shall be used for printing.
4. The packaging enterprise making food bags shall comply with the production environmental standards to avoid the pollution of food bags in the process of bag making.

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