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Aluminum Foil Bag

Precautions in the use of aluminum foil bag

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Update time : 2021-09-24 15:31:33
Aluminum foil bag usually refer to aluminum-plastic composite bags, which are suitable for moisture-proof, light proof and food vacuum packaging of large precision mechanical equipment, chemical raw materials and pharmaceutical intermediates.
It adopts three-layer and four-layer structure, which has good moisture-proof, water-proof and oxygen proof functions.
In the composite flexible packaging industry, the quality of aluminum foil bag is extremely important, especially the hygienic quality is directly related to the packaged food safety.
Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the raw materials and additives used meet the quality requirements and have a food safety production license.
The inspection items of aluminum foil bag are mainly divided into the following categories:
1. The appearance shall be free from defects such as bubbles, perforations, water marks, broken tendons, poor plasticization, fish eye stiffness and so on.
2. The deviation of specification, width, length and thickness shall be within the specified range.
3. Physical and mechanical properties include tensile strength and elongation at break, which reflect the tensile capacity of the product during use.
If this item is unqualified, the food packaging bag is prone to rupture and damage during use.

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