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Ear Thermometer Covers

Notes on the use of ear thermometer covers

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Update time : 2021-06-17 17:06:35
The ear thermometer covers of the ear temperature gun needs to be replaced every time according to the instructions. This operation is to protect the probe of the ear temperature gun, otherwise the probe is easy to be damaged. 
One ear thermometer without probe cover can be used for 6-8 times, and it doesn't need to be changed once, which is too wasteful; Different people suggest using different ear thermometer without probe covers, which is cleaner and more particular. Wipe the ear thermometer without probe covers with alcohol and cotton to increase the frequency of use.Probe covers for ear thermometer are also divided into two types: repetitive ear thermometer covers type: after each use, wipe the ear thermometer covers with a cotton swab dipped in medical alcohol. The advantages are that the ear thermometer covers can be used repeatedly, but the disadvantages are: ① if the earmuff has grease or dirt, it will affect the accuracy of the next temperature measurement; ② The earmuff will be worn or scratched by repeated wiping, which will affect the accuracy of temperature measurement; ③ After wiping the medical alcohol, it takes a long time (about 5min) to make the second measurement, so it is impossible to make multiple measurements in a short time.
ear thermometer covers
Disposable ear thermometer covers type: replace the earmuff immediately after each use. The advantages are as follows: 1. There is no need to worry about inaccurate temperature measurement due to earmuff wear or dirt; ② The second measurement can be carried out 15 seconds after the first measurement. The only disadvantage is that the matching earmuff is a consumable.
Another kind of ear temperature gun is the type without ear thermometer covers: in the daily use of this kind of ear temperature gun, foreign matters will invade its optical system (waveguide), which will lead to the permanent inaccurate temperature measurement of the ear temperature gun. This kind of ear temperature gun is designed by some manufacturers in order to cater to people's consumption concept. It does not need to change the ear sleeve. Its advantage is convenience, but its disadvantage is that it can not guarantee the accuracy of the measurement results, Therefore, there is no design without ear thermometer covers for world-class brands such as Barun and omuron.

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