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Matters needing attention in using flexible packaging films

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Update time : 2021-06-15 17:07:54
Flexible packaging films is common in daily life, such as: Biscuits flexible packaging films, milk powder flexible packaging films, etc. In the process of using flexible packaging films, we need to pay attention to some matters.
When using microwave oven to heat food, the packaging container with "special for microwave oven" should be used. The refrigerated and frozen food in the refrigerator should use flexible packaging films instead of ordinary plastic bags.
At present, flexible packaging films is widely used in food packaging; Because of its transparency, polypropylene film can be used in the packaging of bread, snacks, etc; Vinyl chloride film is used for the packaging of perishable food such as vegetables and fruits, but it can not be used for greasy food or heating in microwave oven.
flexible packaging films
To a certain extent, flexible packaging films can shield small molecule gas, liquid, steam, fragrance and so on, so it can play a role in food quality, preservation, flavor and extending shelf life. It is not only widely used in food packaging industry, but also plays a very important role in pharmaceutical packaging.
In today's supermarkets, most of the flexible packaging films are made of PE. It has a certain moisture resistance, air permeability is also very good. This kind of packaging film products can be used to package some fruits and vegetables to meet the packaging needs of fruits and vegetables.
If it is suitable for refrigerated and frozen food in the refrigerator, the flexible packaging films should be used instead of ordinary plastic bag products.
The product packed with food flexible packaging films will not produce toxic gas when heated; It has good molding ability for all kinds of special-shaped products; The heat sealing film has high transparency and good luster. Through the flexible packaging films, the appearance of the product can be clearly displayed. It can also be placed in the display cabinet, which can also increase consumers' desire to buy.
flexible packaging films are tough and tear resistant, so its flexibility is also very good, not easy to embrittle, durable and tear resistant, and it can also ensure that the package will not deform after long-term storage.

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