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Key points of kraft paper bag design design should not be ignored

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Update time : 2021-07-13 10:55:52
Full consideration of practicability
The most basic and important role of packaging is safe and practical. Therefore, in the process of kraft paper bag design, we should consider the practicability according to the nature of the product. For example, packaging is fragile, and foam, pearl cotton and air column bags should be selected to protect products better.
If the packaging is a display commodity, the packaging can choose a more transparent all-round display of product characteristics. In addition, packaging should be able to accurately convey commodity information. Design sense and advanced sense are important, but if sock packaging is considered as scarf, no matter how novel the kraft paper bag design is, it is a failure.
Choose the right packaging material 
According to different product characteristics and packaging needs, choose the appropriate packaging materials.
kraft paper bag design
Package size
Size is related to the consumer's purchasing needs and habits
In the future packaging trend, small packaging is definitely a new track. Independent small packaging is convenient to carry, clean and hygienic. This way of tearing can eat, eating can throw, is very in line with the characteristics of modern young people. But this does not mean that big packaging is useless.
There is still a high demand for large capacity packaging of products that can be preserved for a long time and stored in advance, such as condiments, wines, detergents, etc.
The key point is: size is important, but always think about your end users in your heart. Size is the final form of presentation, and the core is the consumer demand of users.
Ergonomic design on packaging
Kraft paper bag design should also conform to ergonomics. Designers should consider the scene of customers opening the packaging and the interaction between packaging and customers' body in the process of opening the packaging. When using products, it is more convenient and feel better, and consumers are more willing to choose such products. This is a consideration of putting consumers' feelings of use in the first place, which can better impress consumers. When the quality is almost the same, consumers are more willing to choose such products.
For example, the bottle body of some drinks is designed according to the focus of human hands in the process of movement.

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