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Internal and external performance of food gusset bag

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Update time : 2021-06-04 09:26:19
From the perspective of packaging performance, food gusset bag requirements can be divided into two parts: internal and external:
1.Internal requirements: the internal requirements of food gusset bag refer to the technical requirements to ensure the quality of food in packaging through packaging. Strength requirement means that side gusset bag can protect packaged food from various external destructive forces, such as pressure, impact force and vibration force, during storage, stacking, transportation and handling.There are many factors related to the strength requirements of gusset bag, including the mode of transportation (e.g. automobile, aircraft), stacking form (e.g. multi-layer stacking, cross stacking) and environment (e.g. climate and sanitary environment).
gusset bag sealer said that barrier requirements barrier is one of the important properties of food gusset bag. Many foods in storage and packaging, due to poor barrier, change the flavor and quality of food, and ultimately affect the quality of food. what is a gusset bag? The barrier is determined by the characteristics of food itself, which is characterized by external barrier, internal barrier and selective barrier. The barrier materials include air, water, grease, light, microorganism, etc.

gusset bag
Breathing requires that some exported foods, such as fresh fruits and vegetables, maintain respiratory function during packaging and storage. Therefore, the gusset bag material or container has air permeability, or can control breathing, so as to achieve the purpose of preservation. 
what is a gusset bag’s excellent features? Nutrition requirements food will gradually lose nutrition in the process of packaging and storage. Therefore, food gusset bag should be conducive to the preservation of food nutrition, more ideally, nutrition can be locked through gusset bag.
There are also many other inherent requirements of food gusset bag, such as heat resistance, avoiding light, shattering, moisturizing and so on.
2.External requirements: the external requirements of food gusset bag is to use packaging to reflect the characteristics, performance and image of food, and it is the external visualization and expression form and means of food.
Safety requires the safety of food packaging, including health safety, handling safety and use safety. Health and safety refers to that food gusset bag materials should not contain substances harmful to human body; In terms of packaging technology, the processed food should keep the nutrition, color, taste and so on as to the greatest extent.
Transportation safety means that packaging can ensure the safety in the process of transportation and loading and unloading, and it should also include the safety of consumers when they pick up and carry after they buy. Use safety is to ensure that consumers are not hurt in the process of opening and eating.
Promotional requirements food packaging is one of the best means of food promotion. The performance, characteristics, eating method, nutritional composition and cultural connotation of food can be used as gusset bag pattern. The promotion of food packaging includes necessary information promotion, image promotion, color promotion and structure promotion.
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