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How to choose takeout stand up bags?

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Update time : 2021-08-23 11:25:17
How to choose the takeout stand up bags? This is a problem worthy of attention for many catering takeout businesses. Through investigation, we visited many catering businesses in the market and summarized three main aspects that catering businesses can pay attention to when choosing takeout packaging:
The practical function of packaging. Takeout stand up bags are used to hold food. It is necessary to ensure that the taste of food is the same as that of hall food as far as possible. Businesses should choose takeout packaging from the performance of heat preservation, ventilation, leakage prevention, sealing and so on.
In addition, high-temperature hot oil contacts with inferior plastics to produce substances harmful to human body. Whether the stand up bags selected by businesses is safe and environmentally friendly is the primary consideration for businesses to choose takeout packaging.
Only from the perspective of users, ensuring the quality of dishes and improving the dining experience can make users satisfied and assured, increase repeat customers and improve the repurchase rate.
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Packaging cost is undoubtedly the most concerned factor of businesses. Many catering brand chains will have a strict cost budget system, which is basically controlled within 5% of the average customer unit price.
If it is higher than this range, the cost burden of takeout will be increased, and the gross profit of businesses will be greatly affected. Businesses should improve the sense of user experience as much as possible according to the cost budget.
Takeout stand up bags should not blindly pursue high-grade or simple packaging and excessively control the cost. The packaging investment cost should be "tailored", that is, the packaging cost should match the customer unit price of dishes.
The appearance value of takeout stand up bags, reasonable color matching, fashionable packaging style, attractive takeout packaging modeling, personalized copywriting, etc. these factors play a great role in improving consumer experience.
At present, the product types of common takeout stand up bags in the market mainly include the following: Catering takeout merchants can have an overall understanding of takeout stand up bags in the market, so they can choose the packaging suitable for their own store according to customer unit price, dish type, store positioning, characteristics and price of various packaging materials.
If catering takeout businesses pay attention to cost performance, such as covered rice and specialty dishes, and focus on low-cost set meal series, the key factor to attract users is the price of dishes.
At this time, the choice of takeout stand up bags should focus on the characteristics of low cost, simplicity and practicality. There is no need to blindly imitate other businesses. Choose to use kraft paper or non-woven handbags with high cost.
The high cost will reduce the actual profit of the store. However, you may also consider using some low-price packaging products, including printing the store name The self-adhesive labels and waist seals publicized by the store also help the store shape the brand image and reasonably control the packaging cost to a certain extent.
If the catering takeout business is positioned at the middle and high end, mainly providing working meals for business office white-collar workers and focusing on the middle-end business working meals, it can be considered to pay attention to improving the takeout stand up bags. The office people who order takeout are mostly young people.
The attractive takeout stand up bags modeling and copywriting can attract the attention of users and be widely spread, It has a strong positive impact on the store's brand image, repurchase rate and promotion and communication.

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