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Four key points of food stand up bags

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Update time : 2021-06-04 09:44:05
With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food safety and health. As an important means to ensure food safety and health, food stand up bags has been paid more and more attention. 
1.Fully understand the characteristics of foodIn order to understand the characteristics of food itself and the necessary protection conditions, we should study the factors that affect the main components of food, especially the sensitive factors to fat, protein, vitamins and other nutrients, including light, oxygen, temperature, microorganism, physics, mechanics and so on.
Only by mastering the biological, chemical, physical characteristics and sensitive factors of the stand up zipper pouch bags, and determining the required protection conditions, can we determine the selected packaging materials and packaging technology for packaging operation, so as to achieve its protection function and appropriately extend its storage period.

stand up bags
2.Understanding stand up zipper pouch bags performance
Study and master the stand up zipper pouch bags performance, application scope and conditions of packaging materials. Therefore, only by understanding the packaging properties of various stand up plastic bags materials and containers, can we choose according to the protection requirements of packaged food, which can not only protect the flavor and quality of food, but also reflect its commodity value, and make comprehensive packaging a reasonable stand up ziplock bags material. For example, foods that need high temperature sterilization should be high temperature resistant packaging materials, while cold food should be cold resistant.
3.Proficient in packaging technology
For a given food, in addition to choosing the appropriate packaging and containers, we should also adopt the most appropriate packaging technology. The same kind of food can usually adopt different packaging techniques to meet the same or similar packaging requirements and effects. For example, for food that is easy to oxidize, it can be packed in vacuum or air, or sealed with deoxidizer. But sometimes in order to meet the set requirements and effects, it is necessary to use specific packaging technology. The choice of packaging technology is closely related to the choice of packaging materials and the market positioning of packaged food.
4.Understanding market positioning
Study and understand the market positioning and circulation conditions of commodities. The market orientation, transportation mode and climate and geographical conditions of circulation area are the factors that must be considered in food packaging design. There are different stand up ziplock bags and decoration requirements for domestic goods and goods exported from different countries, and different transportation modes have different protection requirements for packaging. For food packaging, climate change in commodity circulation area is very important, because temperature has a great impact on the chemical changes of food internal components, food microorganisms and the barrier of packaging materials.

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