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Design innovation and development of stand up bags manufacturers

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Update time : 2021-08-27 10:58:51
Continuous innovation of materials
At present, high-tech materials are generally made of functional composites such as heat sensitive, humidity sensitive, photoelectric and gas sensitive.
This innovative design shows some important parameters such as pressure, humidity, time and sealing degree of stand up bags, which can enhance the audience's safety warning of goods and achieve the purpose of more meeting packaging requirements and consumer demand.
For example, a German company introduced a new type of stand up bags, which uses transparent glass materials, which can inhibit the food ripening process, prolong the shelf life and adapt to different packaging forms.
In addition, the emergence of new materials can protect the environment, such as corn starch resin, low fiber paper and so on.
Tea abandons the design of the original bamboo basket and grass basket and uses new green packaging such as corrugated paper, stand up bags, which also improves the beauty and aesthetics of the products.
Continuous innovation of appearance
The process times the material equals the square of the design. Appearance is one of the core design points that designers know well. The innovation of appearance structure continues to extend driven by shopping demand.
stand up bags
Technical innovation of safe and real design
The consumption environment of e-commerce brings hidden dangers of commodity security. Merchants use simulated packaging as real products, which puzzles the eyes of many shoppers.
Now in the packaging design, the identification and forgery functions of product authenticity have been innovated.
Stand up bags can be identified by reducing and enlarging text, two-color number design, concealed dark design, anti-counterfeiting ink printing and other methods.
The coverage of online shopping area is becoming wider and wider, which puts forward new requirements for packaging.
The packaging structure needs to resist external pressure to ensure safe arrival in the hands of buyers after long-distance travel.
Modern online shopping packages mostly adopt interval structure design.
Recycled paper, sponge, blow molding, foamed plastic and other materials are placed in the package to make the products hang in the middle, absorb energy through these materials and reduce unnecessary losses in the process of transportation.
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