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Common sense of self-supporting bag and ziplock aluminum foil bag

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Self standing bags, also known as upright bags and standing bags, refer to packaging bags that can stand upright and can print rich patterns and words.
Ziplock aluminum foil bag is a bag composed of a variety of plastic films. It is used for packaging food, pharmaceutical industrial products, daily necessities, etc.
Self supporting bag is a plastic packaging bag that can stand. The first layer is composed of PET / PE, PET / CPP, OPP / PE, OPP / CPP, PA / PE, PET / Al / PE, OPP / Al / PE and other composite materials.
Composite aluminum foil material (AL) is called self-supporting aluminum foil bag, and composite aluminum foil material is called self-supporting ziplock aluminum foil bag, which is different according to different materials.
There is no big difference between self-contained bag printing and self sealing bag. The only difference is that the self-supporting bag has a socket.
You can stand up whether you put something or not, but the self sealing bag can't. Independent bag is different from ordinary bag making machine, so the bag type is also different.
The bottom of the self-supporting bag is generally called a socket, which is precisely because the socket packaging bag can stand by itself. For example, add PP concave convex buckle zipper self seal at the seal, that is, self-supporting self sealing bag, also known as self-supporting zipper bag.
ziplock aluminum foil bag
Because the self-supporting bag can stand independently, many buyers like this type of bag, which is widely used in all aspects of life such as food, electronics, daily necessities, medical supplies and so on.
Ziplock aluminum foil bag is the favorite of plastic flexible packaging. Aluminum foil bag is used in many products. What are the manufacturing methods of aluminum foil bag?
Light aluminum foil bags are generally made by compounding several materials and then making bags according to customer requirements.
High temperature cooking ziplock aluminum foil bag are generally made of four or more layers, four layers: PET / Al / NY / rcpp, anti-static aluminum foil bags are also generally made of three or four layers, three layers: pet / Al / PE, four layers: PET / Al / NY / PE, The anti-static aluminum foil bag is divided into double-sided anti-static aluminum foil bag and single-sided anti-static aluminum foil bag!
Ziplock aluminum foil bag material composition: pet, aluminum foil, PE film, pet, aluminum foil, CPP film.
Features of ziplock aluminum foil bag: corrosion resistance, suffocation, light protection, high temperature resistance and vacuum pumping.
Third, the choice of collage: the more collage, the lower the cost. Selecting appropriate specifications according to equipment conditions can greatly reduce the loss.
Selection of adhesives; Select the adhesive with large initial adhesion, high solid content and good wettability.
Manufacturing technology of aluminum foil bag.
1.The gluing amount is about 1.5 times that of white film. When the printing is full or the printing area is large, the gluing amount shall be further increased.
2.After the first compounding, the product was cured for 13 hours, and after the second compounding, the product was cured for 72 hours.
3.The aluminum foil does not pass through the flattening roller, and the surface is connected to the composite roller.
4.Tension control.
5.Increase the temperature of the oven and composite roll as much as possible.

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