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Shaped Pouch

Application of special shaped pouch in market

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Update time : 2021-07-07 09:45:42
The popularity of supermarkets and the increase of commodity circulation have brought more and more convenience to the life and shopping of consumers. But at the same time, it also poses a challenge to all kinds of commodity producers, that is, how to make their products stand out in the market and better attract consumers?
Research shows that 74% of consumers' purchase behavior is an emotional behavior decided on the spot. I believe many people have had such shopping experience: after shopping in the supermarket, when checking out, they often find that they buy far more items than the items on the plan list. Some items are not included in the plan at all, but the goods on the shelves attract you deeply, and the price is acceptable to you, As a result, your shopping cart has added some unplanned goods.
There are all kinds of goods on the shelves. The time that consumers' eyes stay on each kind of goods may not exceed one second. How can we keep the eyes and feet of customers?
With the continuous development of science and technology and the improvement of production technology, shaped pouches emerge as the times require to meet the market demand of food packaging. Shaped pouches break through the limitations of traditional food packaging bag design. Shaped pouch attract the attention of many consumers with their novel and unique shape and convenient and reliable functions, playing the role of silent salesperson and promoting the sales of goods.

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