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Medical Device Packaging

Advantages of medical device packaging

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The transparent film of medical device packaging materials is formed by multilayer composite membrane, so it has good bacteria resistance and long time for storage. The sealing pressure sealing machine at 150-180 ℃ and the internal sealing should be carefully sealed when staying in the process of retention. The sterilization policy of pyrogen monitoring, bacteria cultivation monitoring, chemical indicator card monitoring, etc. for all kinds of sterilized articles is up to the standard.
Our medical device packaging machines have advanced technology and our medical device packaging design is can be customized. Our medical device packaging have passed the strict medical device packaging testing.
The penetrability of the medical device packaging can make the sterilized gas safely penetrate into the bag, and at the same time can discharge the cold atmosphere inside the bag, so as to achieve complete sterilization results; Drainability: the drainability of medical device packaging materials weighing 56-70 g per square meter will not cause the formation of condensed water after steam sterilization; In the process of high temperature and dry cooling sterilization, the paper has good toughness and will not split.
medical device packaging
Pressure steam and ethylene oxide are printed on the medical device packaging (equivalent to the infectious touch of the outside chemical indication tape). The pictures of different colors can distinguish the sterilization of the article in the white area.
It is easy to manage, and can directly write the name of the bag, sterilization date, validity period, operator's name and checker's name on the paper, so as to avoid the trouble of pasting chemical indication tape and various labels.
The material of medical paper bag is mainly suitable for pressure steam sterilization, ethylene oxide sterilization and low temperature steam formaldehyde sterilization. The validity of sterilization storage is affected by the performance and quality of packaging materials, tightness of sealing, quality of sterilization, storage conditions, transportation mode, number of hand touch, etc. When the temperature is 25 ℃ for 10-14 days, the time in wet and rainy season is shorter.
The medical device packaging has a durable bacterial barrier function, and its shelf life can reach more than half a year. There are many kinds and large quantities of spare articles in the disinfection and supply center, but some bags (such as tracheotomy bag, trachea cannula, phlebotomy bag, etc.) are often sterilized frequently due to their short validity.
The use of paper plastic packaging material not only extends the validity period, ensures the quality of aseptic package and the safety of clinical use, but also greatly reduces the occurrence rate of damage of sterilized articles, especially the package cloth, adhesion of rubber articles and rust of metal articles, and prolongs the service life of articles. 
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